About Meherban India Foundation

Meherban India Foundation is a humanitarian organisation that was established as a charity trust for the benefit of mankind as a whole. Meherban Foundation is presently operating in several sectors of human activity, with all-encompassing philanthropic goals to serve the public.

We have begun working in many sectors to assist the underprivileged and troubled members of society. To broaden the scope of its activities, the Meherban India Foundation requires a substantial quantity of money in the form of donations. We are now reaching out to children in slums to offer them with basic education, as well as providing blankets to the homeless and feeding meals to the poor, with the aid of Meherban volunteers.

We humbly beg that you join us in providing books and stationery to children raised in slums, feeding the hungry, providing monthly groceries to needy families, and spreading warmth by contributing blankets.

Your small effort can bring a big change in their lives.

Our Mission

To provide the basic needs for survival i.e. food, water, health, and shelter to every human being on this planet.

Our Vision

Focus on the current demand of supplying food, health in these trying times of pandemic.

Meet our Team

Aleena Rehman

Founder & Director

Mansha Rehman


Mohd Suhail


Azher Rehman

Advisor and IT Specialist
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